25-50% off CUSTOM MP3s !!!


Haylee Themed= 7 left

Vox Themed=8 left

This is an insanely rare and amazing offer, so you better jump on it fast!!!! Take note, that once all of the custom slots are full, I will update this post right here to say that they are filled. So if you see this still here, as is, without that big update at the start of this paragraph, then that means that there are still slots open, for you to get in on this!

Here is what you need to know. 

* These mp3s must be non exclusive. Meaning I can resell them on My store, as well as use them on patreon. ( You could always include the background tracks to include personal information that only you will hear, like your name, and triggers and such) 

* You must agree to and understand that since I have so many slots open, the discounted customs may end up taking longer to complete, than the average stated time. 

* The percentage off will be decided by Me. I will base this on the complexity of the file, as to how long it will take Me to complete. 

* The mp3s will not be longer than 30 minutes. 20 or 30 minutes are the available options.

Now keep in mind just how insanely good this is. On average for a 20-30 minute custom mp3, the price is $350-1800+ Utilizing this epic slash in that, is INCREDIBLE!!! 

If you have ever ached for a custom from me, now is seriously your best chance to do so! Get in on this soon, because these slots are sure to fill up fast! 

* Payment has to be upfront in full, via My desired payment method.

Use the form on this page to fill out the contact form, and let Me know that you are interested in this!

In the form include the following:

Will it be a Vox or Haylee themed mp3? 

Describe in detail what you are wanting for your custom mp3. 

That is all! I will reply back, letting you know the price. Once its paid for your custom slot will be reserved! 

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