Welcome to the ELITE $50k club. Where the best of the best slaves strive to be even better. Here you will see names of slaves who are participating in the $50k club. What this means is that a slave is taking tally of their life time tributes/support to Me, and is aiming for a goal of $50k total. Once a slave reaches that total, the club will move on and be titled the $100k club!

Keep in mind that this CAN be a race, but also ANY slave can participate in it. Honorable mentions and bragging will happen at various goals. $10k, 25k 50k, 75k, 100k and so on. Even if you think you will never reach the top goal, join the club and aim for the 10k goal, which is still amazingly pleasing to Me! I just want to show off everyone who is doing their best, sacrificing to ME, because you and I both know I deserve it and MORE. Do NOT feel bad if you are not at the TOP, simply STRIVE to be the best YOU can be for ME.

Names in black = Under 10k . Names in blue=$10k hit. Names in purple= $25k hit. Names in red=$50k hit. Names in green=75k hit. Names in gold=$100k hit!

What counts towards the total shared here:

Tributes, Mp3/Video Purchases, Patreon Pledges, Amazon Giftcards

What doesn’t count here: Amazon gifts from wishlist, paid for phone sessions.

How to join and remain active:

Contact Me letting Me know that you would like to be a part of this page. Include the name that you would like to be showcased here, as well as your twitter ID for My own personal show off purposes( twitter ID will not be shared here) Let Me know your starting total when joining ( Don’t lie, I can easily look this information up. If you arent 100% sure on the total, let Me know what you think the total is.) Use the contact form above, or email hypnotichaylee@gmail.com . If you do not hit a specified goal above, and you discontinue sending Me updates of the total, your name will be removed within 90 days. Email Me an updated total either each time you hit a $1000 increase OR you may request a total update twice a month.

*Note* I have MANY who are doing their own type of club private with Me, where I keep note of the total, and praise privately~ If you’d like to do that, you can set that up with Me as well.

1. puppy it $45,000

2.Lexie $$28910

3.everything4Haylee $27,550

4 More for Haylee $25,935

5. slavejon $24,500

6. payandobey $19,250

7.slavechris $12000 

8.slave dave $7000

9. Michael Smith $4933

10.prissy sissy $4020

*Note* I do NOT condone or encourage a slave tributing to the point of financial crisis/bankruptcy etc. I expect a slave to learn balance in life, and tribute WHILE maintaining a healthy relationship with money. Saving for the future, and making sure bills are taken care of is a must. I want slaves for LIFE. Broke and broken in a non sexy way ones are of NO use to Me. Learning balance ensures a slave can be Mine FOREVER.