A Fresh Start and What This Means For You

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Hi My sweets! It feels AMAZING to be blogging here, on my freshly designed site. It feels so new, and full of possibilities. I was really craving a fresh start. I have talked about this before, how I am constantly evolving as a Goddess.

That is why instead of reposting all of My old blogs from my blog site, I am starting fresh. You most likely will not see those old blog posts resurrected unless I really feel like it. A lot of My thoughts and views have changed and evolved!

So what you will see, is new content from Me, including blog posts that accurately represent how I feel now, and what I believe in. Also what truly excites Me!

So you can find so much excitement and anticipation of what will come from Me here! I also LOVE that it is easily accessible now. You can read all of My words and teachings on the same site as My store. THAT is hot!

So leave a comment down below. Let Me know what you think of the new site design and layout, and what you are aching and hoping to see Me blog about~

Ache always,


5 thoughts on “A Fresh Start and What This Means For You

  1. kitsune says:

    Well… Since I didn’t interact a lot with the previous website version… The sudden newsletter makes me curious, although I am essentially a casual hypnosis customer for many years now. 😛

  2. CollaredSlave says:

    In only a few short weeks You have skillfully transformed me from “sub-curious” into “All For Haylee.” I am aching for blogs about You, things You are passionate about, Your dreams and desires. Pleasing my Owner at all times is my new goal and reality, so i am desperate to learn how best to do that!

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