Calling all 5% Slaves!

Hey 5% slaves, where you at?! 😉 Lets talk about true, blissful slavery. Sound good? I thought so.

Wondering what this 5% idea is that I am talking about? It goes like this. Random Facebook Guy ” I believe a Domme should provide Domination for free, for the love of it, and not charge money” Sound familiar? Maybe even you are one who believes this? Now this is a completely WRONG way of thinking, but I cant “fully” fault you if you have or had this thought process before. The sad reality is that men are brought up and surrounded by all kinds of stimulation and talk that either hints at, or out right claims that women should please men sexually, and women should enjoy the pleasure of pleasing. This is even VERY strongly expressed in the BDSM/ Femdom scene. The flat out truth is that if a woman is catering to a male in any way, it is about the males pleasure, not hers. TRUE Female Domination should consist of a male simply existing to please the Woman, and fulfill her desires and fantasies. Purchasing and jerking off to files that excite and please you is not an act of slavery unless specified that it is what the Dominant wants. It is a service between two consensual adults.  Searching for someone to fulfill your fantasies and provide jerk off fuel is not submission either. Aching and begging to fulfill and please a powerful Dominant woman regardless of your sexual arousal is submission.

I provide a ton of files. It is a consensual act. You purchasing and listening does not equal you JUST serving or pleasing me. You are pleasing yourself as well. Sounds about right? Now this does not mean that it is not pleasing to me that you listen. It is VERY pleasing when a person listens and gets pleasure from it, only if the person learns and becomes truly transformed by it, and becomes my SLAVE vs a client or worse yet, a jerk off boy who only indulges in my free content.

Clients, I love them too, just in a different way. They enrich my lifestyle, praise my work, and enjoy a blissful experience. Nothing wrong with that.

Now on to the 5% rule.

Do you wish to truly be a slave? Then you better lose any thought in your mind that starts or ends with anything revolving around ” A Dominant should engage in this act with me for free because she loves doing it”

Financial sacrifice is the ULTIMATE act of slavery and submission. It is real. It is cold, hard sacrifice. A slave should ALWAYS work hard to enrich their Mistress’ lifestyle. Tribute shouldn’t be a term that turns you off and makes you run, it should be a term that makes you weak in the knees, and excited at all of the possibilities.

A slave WORKS so a Dominant does not have to.

If you are wasting money on going out to eat, starbucks, frivolous purchases, expensive electronics, or anything “extra” while denying your Domme access to these pleasures, then you are not a slave. You are a jerk off boy. We do not like jerk off boys. Jerk off boys do not get special attention, ever, unless they are jerk off boys that ejaculate wads of cash into our accounts.


Lets start with that.

Its time to get serious. 5% is such a tiny number, that I know you can make work.


From each paycheck, I want you to surrender 5% to me. Those who do not do this, will no longer be considered real slaves to me. I will enjoy having fans, admirers, and boy toys with submissive urges enriching my lifestyle, and indulging in my hypnotic bliss, but only the 5%ers or more will be considered real slaves to me. This shall be surrendered to me in the form of a blissful tribute. You may contact Me to discuss the best method to do this.

5% is nothing really ( for those who can surrender more, we can discuss a larger percent)

Lets say your paycheck is $800. 5% of that is $40 . Get a cheaper phone plan, skip going out to dinner, buy cheaper food, get rid of any extra bills you do not need. Find a way to sacrifice to make it happen. ( I am reasonable, if there is ever a time where you can’t, talk with me, and of course I will understand. Its not about this becoming a chore, or burdensome, its about this becoming a way to be reminded of your true service and slavery to me every single day.)

I am going to LOVE having you submit to my fantasies and my desires, instead of you worrying about yours, until of course, they become MINE 😉

Email me @ to start your 5% payment schedule, if you wish to be considered a true slave to me.

Anyone else, you are free to indulge and enjoy and enrich, and perhaps learn something along the way. I believe anyone can be molded and transformed with the right guidance, into a true submissive slave.

I am, completely irresistible. There is no turning back. You are already imagining what it will be like to be on such a blissful schedule with me. How much more meaning your life will have, as every single day you go to work, and are reminded that you are doing it for me. Then you get to come home, and be reminded again , that you are a true slave to such a divine Goddess, as you slip away deeply under my power, and allow my words to penetrate your mind, and transform you into something better.

This is a journey, a blissful one. A fulfilling one. A unique one. Enjoy each step of the way~ Just allow my words to guide you.

Questions, comments, worse of undying aching praise?

One thought on “Calling all 5% Slaves!

  1. Anthony A Epperson says:

    Goddesses requests era very fair.
    Enslavement is a privilege and is very time consuming for Mistress.

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