Custom Mp3 Sale Updates – for those who have purchased one

I am truly pleased with those who have indulged in this AMAZING offer. I still have several slots open for custom mp3s, so read this post here, and get your order in!!!

This is the most custom orders that I have taken at once, so they are going to take longer to complete than usual, but since I am running this sale, I am making sure to make these EXTRA special, since this is something VERY generous and exciting that I am doing. I know many of you are unable to purchase a custom at My regular rate, so this is an AMAZING opportunity for you. My hypnosis is incredibly powerful, and your custom will be unlike ANYTHING you have EVER experienced!!

So when you order a custom, I am going to give you a number, so you can look on here and see where I am at in the process of working on yours. The status is as follows:

Writing – This means I am currently writing your script

Recorded– This means that I am currently recording your script, or it has been recorded and the next step will be editing it.

Editing– This means that I am editing your mp3, and making it PERFECT

Completed– This means that I have sent you your mp3!

If you do not see any status next to your number, this means that I have not started on yours yet, but it will soon be updated!

Remember, check your email, I will tell you which number equals your custom mp3. I generally like to write several scripts while I am in the writing zone, and then I will edit and write as inspiration hits.

All mp3s have been completed and sent out from the first batch! I will reopen this sale after the HOLIDAZE!!!! I have several spots open, so start saving and preparing, and thinking about what type of custom you want! I will send out a newsletter when customs are open again!!! <3



3- writing

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