Fighting through the guilt and resistance

I have been an online Domme for almost 15 years now!! I have seen pretty much all that there is to see, and experienced all different types of personalities and slaves. I’ve seen the real struggles and resistance, and I’ve seen the truly devoted break through those struggles, to live a life truly full of bliss.

There is often a pattern with slaves.
*Become increasingly aroused and excited at the thought of serving a Domme.

*Serve a Domme, which often includes spending money.

*Feel guilt and shame about spending money and indulging in submissive and sexual desires.

*Try to run away from the submissive lifestyle, desires, and indulging.

*Delete all social media and accounts, or simply go silent, struggling internally with the desires vs unnecessary guilt/shame

*Become increasingly aroused and excited at the thought of serving a Domme.

Repeat steps again and again.

Do you see how this is a problem? How it is a true block for BLISS?! The seriously devoted ones are able to work through this. It truly isn’t your fault. Society as a whole has negatively programmed you to feel the guilt and shame of indulging in something that you enjoy, and paying for it.
I am here to tell you that you CAN break through this, and never feel those negative sensations again. As long as this is a consensual indulgence that is not harming you , then just let go and ENJOY IT! You don’t have to become an irresponsible person, spending away all of your savings and money to indulge and enjoy your submissive side. Focus on balance, and everything else will fall into place.
Submit to a trust worthy Domme, and let go of the guilt and shame.
My latest mp3 is designed to help with all of this. I HIGHLY Suggest listening to it. It is part of your self help journey into being the best submissive slave you can be, and letting go of any guilt shame or negativity. Being a slave is BLISSFUL and if you are reading this, it is what you were born to be.
Give in slave. Its time.

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One thought on “Fighting through the guilt and resistance

  1. Lexie says:

    It saw itself doing just what Goddess describes. It went to far, and tried to hide, but it realized, by talking with Goddess that it was not doing this correctly. Once it corrected its mistakes, life has been BLISSFUL!!!!

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