Happy Hypnotic Holidaze! How To End Up On My Nice List This Year

I can’t believe its that time of year again, already!!! HAPPY HYPNOTIC HOLIDAZE!!! I LOVE this time of year SO MUCH! It really brings out so much joy, love, passion, inspiration and creativity. I often find myself fantasizing and daydreaming about cloning Myself so I can get everything done that I wish to lol ( things that only I can do perfectly, duh)

So far this year, 3 top goals that I have met :

Release a minimum of 2 mp3s per month. One Vox, one Haylee.

Net over $100,000 in mp3 sales alone

Completely redo My store website ( it looks AMAZING)

My biggest goal for 2020 is to buy My second slave funded home!! I have created many memories in this one, and so many of you are so proud and lucky to have contributed to it! I have outgrown it though, and its time to move on to bigger and better things 😉

I have already met with My wonderful realtor, and am going to be looking all winter/spring/summer, however long it takes to find My next perfect home!

So to get on My nice list this year, I want you to tribute as much as you can. Make it hurt, just for Me. Not too much, just enough to FEEL the sacrifice of pleasing Me, ensuring I get what I REALLY REALLY want!!

Houses are expensive! Slaves ensure I never have to worry about that! Coming together as a collective, and sacrificing what you can, will ensure that your Goddess NEVER has to be concerned about affording what I truly want.

This is why you exist. This is what you work for. Contact Me at hypnotichaylee@gmail.com to inquire about My favorite payment method for house tributes, if you do not know what that is! I expect to see a lot of slave sacrifices this year!

I am incredibly excited beyond words to move! I have a lot of plans for My new home. The greatest being a new creative studio, where I can fully dedicate it to crafting My masterful mp3s, working on art, reading, and flowing with creative passion, creating various things through various outlets and mediums.

All slave tributes this year are going towards this new house. So get them in, and forever be a part of My new home, where I will create so much more magick~ <3 And as always, THANK ME for this honor. You exist to please ME, and give ME what I want. I will accept nothing less.

So remember, make it hurt. Not too badly, but just enough to truly know your place, and feel My hold over you. Respond down below in the comments the follow. ” Yes Goddess, I obey. Sacrificing for you is My true purpose, and gives me meaning to life”

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6 thoughts on “Happy Hypnotic Holidaze! How To End Up On My Nice List This Year

  1. Michael Smith says:

    ” Yes Goddess, I obey. Sacrificing for you is My true purpose, and gives me meaning to life”

    I will of course send you my second $1000 tribute for the Holidaze and am so proud that I can be part of a slave collective to help you purchase your new dream home. We are your slaves and should be so excited to make this happen for you.

    Living for your Goddess lifestyle and showing our appreciation for having the privilege to enrich you is the ultimate pleasure for all of us.

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