New Years Bliss Bot Task

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I truly feel like this year went by in a blink of an eye. I just can’t believe that it is almost 2021. This year has provided challenges, grief, uncertainty, and stress to so many people, and I am hoping more than anything, to find that 2021 brings more peace.

Although it has brought so many challenges, I am going to focus this blog on some of the positives. Staying home more, meant that I had a lot more time to work on customs and personalizations. That is what most of My time was spent on, along with My onlyfans. I have found that by far, My onlyfans is My all time favorite site to be active on. I LOVE interacting with those who wish to enrich My lifestyle and support My work,and journey throughout the Goddess lifestyle that I desire and deserve. it will please Me so much when you sign up and enjoy 2021 under My spell~ TODAY ONLY it is HALF OFF and only $5/month!!!!

Now to end the year, and start a new one on the right foot, I want you to do the following.

* Write down 5-10 things that you would like to rid yourself of , from 2020. Something that has to do with your pleasing Me, or surrendering to Me. Can even be about hypnosis. Examples could be something like 1- resisting hypnotic commands. 2- not obeying all commands 3- trying to escape, etc etc.

After you have those written down, I want you to focus on them for a bit, and then really feel the emotion of letting them go, as you rip up that paper, and throw it in the trash.

* Next you will write out 5-10 resolutions for the upcoming year. Make them realistic. Take your time, and make this count.

Bonus points if you share these in My private slave onlyfans discord~

I look forward to taking you even deeper in 2021~

All for Haylee. Always! ~

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