18 minutes

*NOTE* This is a larger file, and a few people who have a slower internet connection have had problems fully downloading this. If that happens to you, simply email me at and I will get the file to you quickly~

This video has been HIGHLY requested ! I am so excited to finally have it available here. You will feel as if you are right there with me, and I am speaking directly to you. This video includes: A deep pendant induction Crisp finger snaps to enforce a deeper trance Goddess Worship Slave Training Eye Fixation with close ups Enslavement equaling full body arousal Addiction to pleasing me Reprogramming slave subliminals whispered throughout the video Commands and Triggers You will find out just how captivating I am, and how easy it is to surrender and obey. You will not be able to look away. You are so mine. So owned.
*note* This is an older video with webcam quality.


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