The differences between My Patreon and Onlyfans . Which is better for you? *hint* Probably both!

Hello My sweets! I have been a very busy Goddess, putting a lot of energy into both Patreon and Onlyfans, and I have had many of you ask Me which one you should subscribe to, or what is the difference between them. I am going to break it down for you!

First, here are the links so you have easy access.



Vox Siren-




Now for the differences. I will break down what each platform offers, but to sum it up Patreon= full erotic hypnosis / mind fuck mp3s, audio, pictures, occasional video clip. Onlyfans= lots of pictures, and video clips, along with pay to view custom pics/short video clips.

Why join patreon? Because every month ($35 tier and up) you get a NEW full length mp3. Everyone knows that mp3s are my pride and joy, and I have mastered the skill of epic erotic hypnosis audios! You also get random audios thrown in, as well as exclusive to patreon photos, lifetime snapchat access, as well as access to my patreon only voice or text only discord server!

Why join onlyfans? Because you LOVE looking at Me. It is FULL of photos and video clips, and you have the opportunity to request pay to view pics/videos starting at $5-10 dollars. You also have access to My highly hypnotic snapchat. Vox sirens onlyfans focuses on findom and mind fuck content playing with various fetishes. Haylees is a highly hypnotic mix of everything!

So now that you have had a chance to learn about these platforms, which are you going to choose? All of them? I knew it 😉

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