19 mins

In a post World War 3, the world has naturally come to the conclusion that only Women can be trusted to hold positions of leadership in the government, business world, and law enforcement. The role of men going forward shall be performing tasks involving manual labor, low level clerical jobs, maids, cleaners, servants, and to produce sperm for the national sperm bank.

The Female Government has developed a highly sophisticated means to determine which DNA will produce either intellectually, emotionally, and physically superior women, or determine which DNA will produce attractive, but easily controlled and manipulated men.  ALL reproduction must use government supplied sperm.

The all Woman police force identifies and captures men who resist the new society, and they are delivered to a re-programming center.

You have been identified as part of the resistance. You are captured and brought to the re-programming center where you have been assigned to the Head Hypnotist Haylee Lynn. She programs you to understand the Matriarchy way of life now. To fully understand and commit to your place in this better society. You will be programmed to obey all Powerful Women in your life, for they are superior in every way. You will function as a servant. Existing to be tasked under the rulership of the Divine in this new world. All powerful Women in your life must be honored, obeyed, trusted and listened to. Wives, Bosses, Girlfriends, Business Women. ALL are above you, and have the ultimate and final say on everything.

Finally, Haylee instructs you to stroke your contribution to the national sperm bank. Surely you can be of use this way. You try to resist at first, yet Haylee reminds you that you are too weak to resist. Her powerful voice and Hypnosis skills are too strong. When you release, you will have contributed to the further enslavement of the male species. If the Government finds that your sperm generates superior Women or inferior Men, you will be required to return for future deposits.

A better future rests in your hand 😉


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