Slave Today Slave Everyday – Erotic Hypnosis mp3 and Mantra


15 mins

This slave-weakening, blissful  femdom erotic hypnosis file was originally made exclusive, but I have decided it is time release it to you all simply because it is what I want I want to do. Another tool to make You more weak, more enslaved, and eager to please and obey.

In Slave Today, Slave Everyday I will take you so deep right from the beginning as you relax and sleep for me, awakening your subconscious mind which will be eager for what’s next.

Once you are deep deep down I will have you repeat along with me your new daily mantra, the true slave mantra because that is exactly what you ache for, what you need! You will learn this mantra along with any other instructions that I give you, for they will help you to be even more weak and much more pleasing because my pleasure is ALL.

This file includes binaural beats , subliminal tracks and much slave training. You simply can not stop yourself from purchasing and indulging in this addictive lil treat~ Its so amusing to watch how weak you are, and just how fast you click buy or purchase now, and listen over and over again.

For entertainment purposes only.

By purchasing or indulging in this product on or off of this site, you consent fully to the following:

Any physical or mental consequnces that may result from experiencing the content within the product, and expressively waive any claims or complaints that you may have as a result thereof. You fully acknowledge and consent that you will only do things that you desire to do of your own free will and choosing, and that I have no power to force or make you do anything that you do not wish to do.

This product may contain binaural tones which may be unsuitable for some people, such as those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Seek medical advice before indulging and discontinue use if you experience any negative consequences.

Only indulge while in a safe place, and never while operating machinery, driving, or doing anything else besides sitting or laying in an appropriate place.